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Styling white Pants this summer || Goodwill

Styling white Pants this summer || Goodwill

Being a New Yorker it is almost unspoken protocol to wear black or just dark colors in general during your existence. If you have visited New York or are in fact a New Yorker than you understand perfectly that everyone looks like they are casting the Matrix. Something I realized a year prior; fast forward a year later [post realizing such] I began to shop brighter colors and it is safe to say "I am never going back, never going back... no you can't make me." I know it can be a brave endeavor to be a woman and wear white or just to wear white in general but I strongly encourage you to do so, and it does not in fact have to be all white however I have in fact fell in love with all white ensembles too. Being a conscious, earth friendly consumer I shopped these looks from my local Goodwill in New York City. The great thing about Goodwill is that the pants and denim are all sectioned off by color, so if you do in fact like the looks I have been posting on Instagram or in this blog post then put on a brave face and dive into those light wash denims and white pants. Another plus is, white does in fact go with everything. Just as black does. Shopping at Goodwill has allowed me to develop a stronger sense of understanding my style needs. Things in Goodwill or thrifted shops are not exactly trend curated through out the store therefor it is good practice to learn what staple pieces you need to build your wardrobe. I encourage you all to spend a day at goodwill and try on various styles and take note of what you feel comfortable in. What looks do you admire? If those looks are outside of your comfort zone for instance ... white denim. Then I encourage you to find a pair with a cut suitable to you, push your limits and try them on.

Also I have great news, I will have more posts on how to curate your style. IE: What staple pieces to purchase, how to avoid buying the same things over and over yearly and more. Stay tuned as those posts will be coming your way.   

In the mean time feel free to Follow my Instagram for outfit inspiration, wellness, positive words and more... I am currently having one of thee most grounding experience in Florida if you have not already seen on my recent Instagram stories. [Spoiler alert] Being in such a grounding place in my life I will be pollinating some of those posts also.       
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Priscilla Ivette
A peak inside Refinery29 x HBO Girls pop up exhibit

A peak inside Refinery29 x HBO Girls pop up exhibit

As many of you may know, The hit HBO series Girls is coming to a melancholic end! If you do not watch the show you are granted full permission to check out this two day pop up exhibit collaboration in NYC brought to you kindly by Refinery29 x HBO Girls.... Then proceed with no question to your couch and bing watch this feminist-ly fabulous series from episode one season one.
     If you do not reside in NYC or simply cannot make it out to reserve your spot here, well no worries as the following snaps will provide you a peak into the amazing exhibit. Reliving this series from all its physical gems, beginning the exhibit from all the high lights of Season 1 leading you through to  Hannah's iconic apartment on the show, played by [Lena Dunham]. P.s Sitting on their epic couch, along with gazing at all the physical props was mind blowing. If you are in NYC today is the last day reserve your spot below!



John Doe Gallery

112 Waterbury Street

Brooklyn, NY
Enjoy the Happy heart break dances from season 1 aka "The F#@k you Dance" leading you through A window of truth, a small portal into Shosh's trip to japan and more...

Photo via ThePollenBlog instagram
Post by Priscilla Ivette Follow on google plus
"Today was a dream come true, not only did I get to sit on the set couch from the HBO series #GIRLS but it was the best form of therapeutic closure for this shows end. @lenadunham you have voiced a world of raw and comedic truths for us women, us "Girls". This show was a window of inspiration expression and proof we are all alike in numerous ways. In a sense you have proved us to feel less alone, more ALIVE and able to laugh at our beautiful, "flaws". Gracious social media thank yous are certainly sent your way and to the amazing cast. Oh & special thanks to @refinery29 x @hbogirls for this amazing experience." 

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Priscilla Ivette
Healing with Pink Himalayan salt || Wellness

Healing with Pink Himalayan salt || Wellness

Having a reiki healer on hand at all times to soothe fellow stress would be ideal however many of us do not have the time or pocket for a daily dose of reiki no fear because the Himalayan salt lamp will literally heal you as you sleep or work. Yes a salt lamp has never been closer to gold. 
One night I crashed at my sisters place after a painful night, she simply kept her Himalayan salt lamp lit bedside for me and seriously I awoke the next morning googling if this thing was magic. 

After continuous research a discovery was made that, Himalayan salt lamps are indeed small chunks of magic... hehe just kidding, but the Healing properties Himalayan Salt and the Himalayan salt lamp are no joke. 

Healing properties of Pink Himalayan Salt 

The Himalayan Salt is derived from Pakistan and thankfully brought to places a round the world to benefit from it's healing properties. The Himalayan salt lamp is known to produce negative ions, if you dont know what negative ions are well heres just a small peak at their magic. Negative ions are found mainly in nature surrounded areas, such as beaches, forests, oceans, waterfalls etc Hence why us humans often feel increasingly blissful and at ease in these environments. The Pink himalayan Salt lamp takes in positive ions thus producing negative ions. It absorbs water particles naturally found in the air and release cleansed water vapor back into the air filled with those luscious negative ions, this has an amazing affect on the lungs keeping them clear.

Having this baby on will improve the air quality in your living space surrounding the lamp, and is great for asthma! 

-Salt lamps cleanse the air

-Eases asthma 

-Increase energy levels

-Improve mood and concentration

-Treat seasonal affective disorder [For all the fellow winter haters, say yellow to its warm sunlit reminiscent hue and warmth]

-Improve mood and concentration 

 Benefits of ingesting Himalayan salt 
[Use Himalayan salt to cook in with your meals]
 Ingesting Himalayan salt in your food is extremely beneficial in that it contains 84 traces of minerals beneficial for our health. Sea salt may seem like the healthier choice but with our oceans becoming increasingly more toxic with chemicals, salt extracted from salt mines such as this one might just be the new healthy norm. 
the benefits are endless...

-Helps ease muscle cramps 

-Improves mineral status of the body 

-Helps balance blood sugar 

-Improves hydration 

For more information click here


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Priscilla Ivette
Saving the planet with your closet

Saving the planet with your closet

Saving the planet is as easy as changing the way you shop, and dispose of your unwanted clothing. We know you no longer are a fan of your shoulder padded madonna piece which is okay however many of us are too lazy to donate, thus throwing unwanted clothing directly into the trash.The Environmental Protection agency [EPA] calculates a report on landfills every four years, most recently reporting that clothing now takes up 13 Million tons of our landfills. Clothing is now a key source of Green house gas emissions into our atmosphere. 
Fact #1:
"The Fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world"
The future of our planet is 100% reliant on our actions. With horrid actions taking place on this planet such as The Dakota Access pipeline, there has to be smaller ways we can collectively work together to make immense improvements. No worries this environmentalist has gathered options to improve your fashion habits whilst via your stay A La Earth. 
Help Mama Earth 101
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Fast fashion brands may be a more affordable choice however brands such as Forever 21, H&M, Zara etc produce clothing by the masses at low costs to thus sell it to consumers for lower price points. These brands however do not practice sustainability as you can imagine, they often make their clothing from fabrics that are harmful to produce in countries where wages are critically low. These factories often used to produce large quantities of clothing use either large amounts of electricity or most commonly used, coal power thus emitting 10% carbon emissions globally. 

"The future of fashion, and the future of this planet begins with your closet"
Fact #2:
Factories often used by fast fashion brands rely on coal energy to mass produce clothing. The Fast Fashion industry emits 10% of carbon emissions globally. 

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Fact #3 
Brands like Zara have recently undergone numerous protests by Green Peace due to toxic dyes and chemicals found in their jeans and other products. [Read more here]
"UNLESS Someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to get better. It's not"
-Dr. Seuss, The Lorax
[Article by Priscilla Ivette]
Follow The Pollen Blog on Instagram here 
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Priscilla Ivette
Fast natural hair growth || The Inversion method

Fast natural hair growth || The Inversion method

Recently after diving into multiple hair growth posts all across various platforms I discovered a natural and interesting way for all of those [myself included] who are desperately trying to speed up the hair growth process. The Golden method discovered is the inversion method.

The inversion method is a method used to induce hair growth at a much faster rate than normal. Some believe this will grow your hair up to half an inch in just one week. After continuous research I began day 1 yesterday.

This method has two variations, inverting yourself, flipping upside down or performing variations of yoga poses for 3-4 minutes since doing either of these two can cause blood to rush to your head it is a advised to perform this process with caution and in slow intervals if possible. If at any time dizziness occurs, any tingling sensations, slower heart rate, blurred vision occurs, slowly come up from the position and try a variation of this method.

First boil hot water and pour it over a towel. [Allow it to cool a bit so it doesn't burn your scalp.] If you have a hair steamer at home it would be preferred to do so instead to have the same affect. This part of the process opens your scalp pores allowing the hair follicles to be stimulated for hair growth.
If you do not have a hair steamer at home place this towel once not too hot and place it around your head for up to 6 minutes.

Heat up coconut oil, for about 12-14 seconds in the microwave. I mixed in some almond oil which also promotes healthy hair growth. Coconut oil and almond oil contain numerous proteins and beneficial qualities that will assist your hair follicles in the process of growing your hair.

Message the oil once not too hot into scalp slowly and softly for about 5 minutes. Once scalp is fully saturated you can stop here as this point if you are uncomfortable with being inverted. 
[This will still promote hair growth as long as this process is continued for one week just not as dramatic as the inversion process.] 

Massaging your hair follicles stimulates blood flow encouraging growth. Practicing the inversion method with an already stimulated scalp is just a plus however before practicing inverting your head it is recommended to consult your doctor based on your conditions. If you already practice yoga then this should be fine however still proceed with caution.


Practice method for one minute periods while being inverted and slowly come up.

For this method to work best it is adviced to do it for 3-4 minutes everyday for one week. This should only be done for one week out of the month and it is not beneficial to do for more than one week considering your hair will get use to additional blood flow and will not grow as quickly as it did after one weeks results.

// Variations of inverting yourself //
[During any of these variations feel free to take a break since having the blood rush to your head is serious and uncomfortable between each minute it is recommended to come up slowly back to an upright position then continue]

- Lay on a bed with head tilted back off the edge of the bed until head is inverted message scalp for 3- 4 minutes taking deep, slow controlled breaths. 

-Downward dog [Yoga position] 

-[Head stand] advanced yoga pose 

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Priscilla Ivette

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