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Peaceful everyday healing practices || Featuring animations by Oamul

Todays post is all about healing practices, life can give us all some challenging cards to deal with sometimes, and maybe we forget to keep up with ourselves mentally + physically+ spiritually. Giving our all to everyone, including our precious limited time can be exhausting. Sometimes we forget the ancient art of balance, balancing your needs with the outer world. Now that you have a breather to yourself The Pollin Blog wishes to pollinate the beautiful gifts of nature healing and simple everyday practices you and I can do everyday to heal our worried hearts, chaotic minds, and tired souls. These practices will gift you the colorful reminder of life, and they are all revitalizing for you as a lovely human being. 

~ One ~
Take a walk to your local park, surround your self with abundant beautiful nature. Bring yourself and maybe a furry friend or a human friend outdoors. Visit an open peaceful area like the beach, maybe a park pond, a lake, or just laying in a open sunlit forest area. It is scientifically proven that being outdoors in natural areas as such is physically healing to the human body and mind, the outdoors produce high levels of negative ions which simply enough make us feel at ease, and happy.

~ Two ~
Listen to music, sing, dance, or if you are having a beautiful picnic or bbq outside with your friends lay out in the sun light and play music. Maybe dance and sing on the beach, or make music of your own for some mental freedom and bliss for your ears. Listening to meditation music found here can be healing to your chakras opening your mind body and spirit in a variety of healing creative ways. Lucky for you the Pollin Blog has you covered on some uplifting music playlists, with spiritual relaxing sage music, or uplifting music to chill out with your buddies to. 
~ Three ~
Let your mind relax
with deep breaths and simple easy beginner meditation tricks. 
Tips: You can sit outside, or face your window, a relaxing picture or even your spiritual alter. You may close your eyes. Set a timer for about 15 minutes or more [which ever you are comfortable with, take a short mental break] Take deep slow breaths and focus on your breathing, regulate your heart beat. You may meditate in silence or play any meditation music of choice. 
If this is too challenging to try alone for your first attempt at easing your mind, you can do a guided meditation found here.
Tips:A special meditation practice I like to partake in is playing a relaxing playlist, taking deep controlled breaths while sitting and imagining my happy place. While visiting my happy place I feel all the emotions as if I am really there, I feel all the elements and I stay there for a couple of minutes appreciating the laughter the silence the water elements etc, leaving this meditation practice I imagine me planting my happy place, my dream with in myself and I leave the meditation with all those feelings birthed in my reality feeling fulfilled, at ease, along with the idea my reality is my happy place and everything will be okay. [Feel free to try it, it is indeed magical]

~ Four ~
Bath time is truly magical for healing as depicted above... or surrounding yourself with water in general for that matter. Drinking water or going for an outdoor swim is proven to release endorphins aka your brains happy hormone. If a place to swim is not applicable to you at the moment, no worries bath time is one of the key ingredients to healing, even taking a shower with meditation music playing can have the same affect.

Aromas and natural herbs are an optional addition to your bath but TheFlowerFluffGirl promises you they all make a beautiful difference. 

Ingredients to the ultimate healing blissful bath:

-A dash o lavender- Dried flowers for the bath water, fresh or dry. Lavender essential oils, and or lavender aromas candles, use with caution 
[Lavender naturally produces relaxing aromas  and oils that distress your mind + body]

-Chamomile- Feel free to throw chamomile into your bath water or brew a nice cup o tea for your bath you may place that in your bath water [allow to cool] or you may drink it as you soak in that beauty. [doing both is amazing + the chamomile buds look beautiful in your bath water]
[lavender provides a soothing affect for your skin, if you are acne prone with stress breakouts it may be more beneficial to drink it and simultaneously soak in that beauty. Also if you have tired eyes maybe from computer work all day or dark eye bags from lack of sleep place chamomile tea bags under your eyes]

-Aromas + essential oils added to your bath. Essential oils are natures gift to us, drop a couple of drops into your bath water for a revitalizing experience, to shop essential oils + see a variety of benefits visit here.

Your bath is your, yotime, in this healing process, feel free to add what ever elements you wish for your tub of dreams/ bliss. You may play relaxing music, read a book, light incense, candles or have a spa moment and put on a facial mask. Wishing you a beautiful week of healing, using nature elements and the blissful outdoors.

 Breathtaking animations by: Oamul 

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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Defining your style || Is your style, you?

 Too often I am asked how do you define your style? The common misconception of this era is that we, collectively should fit into this one monstrous category predetermined for us. Maybe my style is grunge maybe it is bohemian etc... This all leads me to believe that we no longer believe in our own individual influence we can offer to the world, such as adding elements that truly define YOU to your style. Somewhere down the line of time we as individuals have taken social media and other peoples styles not just as inspiration but truly adapted them for ourselves, completely ridding of all precious individuality.  I myself being a blogger style influencer and fashion designer truly wish to pollinate a very important message of self expression, I surely hope my influence on the world is not directly copied and pasted. Draw the inspiration from myself and others and make a world of your own. 
Photo credit: Lab style 
Photo Credit: Jolita Lenktaityte on Behance
|| Words of advice ||

"It is okay to share your favorite artists works, and share photos that truly inspire you,Just remember the content following is truly from you."

"Take influences from predetermined styles like Grunge,boehmian,Classic, Avant Garde,  etc. Instead of filing yourself under one specific category take appealing elements to you, from all of the styles."
"Create a look of your own, that is so unique people cannot label your style a predetermined label, instead they will say that is so [insert your name here]"

"In a culture of stressing aesthetics and people consistently putting an effort to curate their being, let it flow freely, don't think to hard, do what is natural to you"

"You are not a one dimensional being, you are a multidimensional being, embrace your many sides"

...So when a person asks how to define your style, include all your influences but ultimately the answer should always be "you"

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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Sage Music Playlist || Music Monday

This Music Monday playlist is for all you Sage Queens out there. This is the perfect playlist for the all my witch sisters that sing, dance, sage and embody their true beautiful Goddess within... Featuring a mixture of beautiful Finnish musical artist Lau Nau, Islaja [my crazed obsessions right now] + breath taking music from the two beautiful French + Cuban twins Ibeyi [ee-bey-ee]
Art by: Sabina Palmieri
First we are kicking off the playlist with the two breath taking twins Naomi and Lisa- Kainde Diaz this duo is so spiritually in tuned with their ancestors, singing in English and Yoruba a language spoken by their nigerian ancestors. Their goose bump filled music will take you on a spiritual journey with an interesting modern and elegant take on Folk with influences from modern and past cultures all fused into the beautiful music labeled by their duo Ibeyi 

Ibeyi- Oya

Ibeyi- River


Ibeyi- Eleggua || Intro ||

Ibeyi- Faithful

Another gem discovered, and graciously added in addition to todays Sage Music playlist is artist Islaja, her music makes you feel like you're dancing into the realms  of a pastel Reverie, mystical and orchestrated delicately and quite beautifully. This Finnish artist will take you to bliss with her album entitled Palaa Aurinkoon Below

Islaja- Palaa Aurinkoon || Full Album ||

For More on her precious work ~ Islaja ~

 Love ||| Dance || Sage || Embrace

Lastly, to end todays melodic, beautiful, sage playlist meet artist Lau Nau a true gem an addition to this list of favorites. Another musical blessing from Finland if you ask me, her sound will take you on an enlightened pathway greater then the classic yellow brick road leading to Oz. Her voice, and orchestrated instruments planted together is one of the most beautiful experiences I have yet to listen to...

Lau- Painovoimaa, Valoa

Lau Nau- Valolle
For more of Lau Nau visit here

Love, meditate on all you are grateful for, visit your place of bliss mentally while meditating, and birth those feelings to life.

Sing along with this relaxing Sage playlist, dance and embody your true amazing self

Pollinating beautiful thoughts, music, positivity, art and so much more,

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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Good vibes music

If you had the Monday Blues yesterday because we missed out on posting a Music Monday post, no worries. This Tuesday we are honoring overcoming any chaotic energies in our life with positive, jamming tunes to lift you up! Enjoy this unconventional playlist, dance that negative energy away and embrace the positive vibes from some of my favorite songs that make me move and smile. Here on the Pollin Blog we are going to make your Tuesday the beginning of a new positive chapter with you. Starting with some fun music. whether you are at work, home, or on your way somewhere play these songs and enjoy, I am definitely here to erase the mellow yellow with you, to a brighter lighter perspective.
~OutKast- IdleWild Blue ~ (don'tchu worry 'bout me)~

Little Dragon- Ritual Union 

If you follow [TheFlowerFluffGirl] on instagram I will be starting the hashtag #goodvibestuesday if you feel like dancing + sharing positive vibes under a video inspired by this post, place that hashtag under your photo and lets all connect and have a very happy, jamming Tuesday together. 

SBTRKT- Wildfire 

Metronomy-The Bay

Bob Marley- Don't worry about a thing

~Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you enjoyed this sweet little feel good playlist~

Don't forget to hashtag #goodvibestuesday under your positive vibes posts on instagram

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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Casual gypsy style

Coachella has arrived and everyone is strutting their utmost gypsy style. I will not be attending Coachella this year however this bohemian soul will be sharing gypsy style favorites of mine. 
The sun has made it's premier and New yorkers like myself have been shedding heavy winter gear and expressing their true styles. There is just something about the sun that encourages you to just be you, dressing this week expressing my inner gypsy has really helped me feel at ease, trolliping around New York City, bringing the desert to me with free flowing urbanized bohemian bliss and good vibes. 
You don't need Coachella to feel like your true bohemian self, now that the sun is here, it is time to strut your blissful being! It's time to try some fun hairstyles, throw on all your favorite jewelry... [maybe not all of it] sing dance, walk in parts of your city or town that you have never been, visit small shows and run freely. You are the festival.

Take some time to sit in the sun, find an inspiring part of your town, or maybe even sit in your yard listening to some tunes. 
This week has been a challenging one for both you and I so lets dress freely and dance our little hearts out. Relax in the sun as it peeks through the sky and just know that Bob Marley could not have said it better. 
"Don't worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be alright"
Outfit Inspiration: Shirt ||similar||
Bracelet set ||Similar|

Priscilla Ivette
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Festival inspired look

Outfit inspiration:
Grey Crop Top>>  Here <<
Orange Maxi skirt >> Here << [different but better]  
Bangle set >>Here<<
Fun colored eye liners for Coachella inspired face paint >>Here<<

Festival season is here! Even though I am not attending any this year I am eternally in the spirit of dressing in my bohemian nature and jamming out to easy going tunes. Now that the sun has finally made it's welcoming hello in New York city I will gladly be dancing in the sun and wipping out all my favorite maxi skirts.
Lately I have been kicking @#$ in these amazing combat boots, and pairing them for the first time with my favorite maxi rustic orange maxi skirt made me feel like a true goddess. 
If attending the popular festival, Coachella isn't on your itinerary [like mine] don't let it bumm you out, grab your eye liner... you know, the one thats a cool poppy color that you knew you would never actually wear on your eyes, yeah that one. Grab it, paint your face, play some tunes, dress like the gypsy goddess you are, and dance! Invite some friends over, go for a walk, or picnic at the park, what ever it is... bring the festival to you.

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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Music Mondays|| M.I.A's rewear it campaign with H&M for world recycle week

This music monday is a tad different then my usual jamming posts on The Pollin Blog. Todays post is all on the release of The H&M ReWear it collaboration with a favorite artist of mine, M.I.A as she collaborates with H&M to raise awareness, during world recycle week, and what better way then a music video to gain peoples attention. You can jam all you want to REWARE IT as I have been all morning but ultimately use these lyrics as a guide to save the planet! Both you and I love to live on it and dress as expressive as we wish, right? 

H&M's head of sustainability couldn't have said it better: 
"If we want to continue enjoying fashion, we have to find a way to make better use of the resources."

Dear readers, get tired of your clothes, I encourage you to do so but please, please, please consider your amazing options for recycling clothing before you toss them in the trash. Donate your clothes to H&M's recycle program and gain a percentage off your next purchase in store, amount varies during the time of year. 
Other options to save the planet and "rewear it" include donating  to any of your local thrift stores, charities, churches, neighbors, friends, family and so on.

95% of textiles end up in landfills each year lets jam out on music monday and make a difference, today and everyday.

To view the full campaign on the H&M website click here 

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette
Priscilla Ivette
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Style Dream Boards || Revamping your style

Lately the task at hand has been to change my style, ever have that feeling where you look in the mirror and realize your once bohemian chic style has gone total grandma?... Recently I have had a number of wake up calls one being, I realized I totally need to revamp my wardrobe after leaving my humble abode one day and noticing my neighbor and I were totally wearing the same cheers tee shirt, I won't disclose her age here, or how many kids she has because that is not a deciding factor on a persons fashion ability plus I am here to empower my fellow women!... However lets just say it was enough to make me realize I really have been depriving my style, so laugh all you want but this was a much needed overdue wake up call.  

To revamp my style I decided to start my mission by making some dream boards of pure blissful inspiration. My current obsessions and what I feel my wardrobe is really lacking. Due to this make over of mine I will be holding off on the personal style posts for a tiny bit. Instead I will be taking this opportunity to share my mission to style gold and some tips to help you guys on what steps you can take to improve your wardrobes as well. After all it is only fitting with the New Moon being today and all that we start some fresh beginnings, manifesting our dreams into a brighter.... more stylish reality, right? So take this style journey with me ... 
This granny will no longer be needing her outdated wardrobe.

To begin, I felt my wardrobe was missing certain materials and staple pieces. I realized I will never abandon my love for bohemian attire but I can certainly revamp it. I searched and created some dream boards for pieces/ inspiring looks I desperately crave in my closet. 
The boards are inspired by these general details I really am lacking in my wardrobe right now.
Denim, suede, Edgier vibes, Womanly heels, vintage graphic tees, less grandma more sexy empowered bohemian.... 



Vintage Graphic Tees


Much love,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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Details|| Changes in my living space + inspiration

Lately, Sprucing up my home and rearranging small details has made all the difference. Inspired by a tarot card I pulled during my daily meditation I was motivated to change the heavy energy in my outside world, aka my room. In case your curious the card was a goddess named Vesta and she represents Home energy. Her message was to rearrange my room and or living space if the energy was feeling a tad dark so I thought, why not give it a shot? I began by rearranging the layout of my room and making small changes like adding floral aspects to my space to really shine some light on my mood. Incorporating small inspiring traits to your room or living space can really change how you feel on your inside world, and ultimately how you express your self to the outside world. Flowers and vintage pieces inspire me, therefor adding these AHmazing antique set of paintings to my room really gave me the perfect little pick me up. Rearranging my room and placing those bad boys in front of my sweet meditation rug, couldn't have been a more perfect solution to lift the heaviness from my room. Special thanks to my grandma for gifting those stunning paintings to me. 
Ultimately the details are what help make a painting better right? So why not take the details of your life, your routine and alter your living space to make it all more enjoyable. I for one, am super stoked about my new meditation area in my room. 
I really adore flowers just in case you haven't noticed haha so taking a trip to my local florist to pick me up some white flowers for my sewing area was a complete must... 
Inspiration: [White Light]
Aside from meditating, and flowers, white has been my super nova when it comes to inspiration,
If you haven't noticed on my instagram account [FlowerFluffGirl] I have been incredibly influenced by a lightly lit perspective, white has been inspiring me so much accompanied by natural greens and sweet turquoise I anticipate sharing my new ever growing perspective. 
 here are just some of the inspiring details of my life that I gift to you.
"Take time to meditate on all you are grateful for, notice all the beautiful details in your life"

Much love n light,
Priscilla Ivette
Priscilla Ivette
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