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Music || New transitions

As some of you may know, I often blog music interests of mine on the Blog every week. This weeks Music post is a bit different as I will be discussing how music has been inspiring me and leading me to a much better place filled with creative freedom. 
Feeling stuck in our lives is often a reoccurring cycle especially if you are a creative person in need of self expression. This week I began my transition of leaving my stagnant creative place all starting with music. Venturing out on my typical youtube scrolling I discovered music which really struck creative chords all through me. Listening to songs that are genuinely enjoyed can make tasks during your daily routines can bring you that escape, I know we all crave from time to time. Writing, photographing + dressing up felt easier and far more enjoyable for me with my updated playlist. 
If you are feeling stuck in a dark place or possibly a place where your creativity is stagnant I encourage you to try venturing out to artists you've never heard before and explore, explore, explore! There is an entire world out there and you may be surprised what inspires you or tickles your insides. I personally prefer a very bohemian Indie sound when working on creative projects or just writing my heart out. I'll share some of my favorites at the moment below perhaps these will be your new jams too.
Latest Jams
-Chet Faker- Gold
-ElderBrook- Could
-Chet FakerTalk is cheap
-No VacationAugust 
-VarsitySo Sad, So Sad
-GlasAnimals- Black Mambo
Romper x Similar Forever 21


|| Much Love ||
Priscilla Ivette 

Priscilla Ivette
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Darling days

At last! Summer weather has arrived and this Flower child could not be in a brighter place of bliss. Taking slow strolls through all boroughs enjoying views, and just truly venturing out has been a routine of mine. Not sure if this is just relatable to me but the sunny weather inspires me always, a feeling of power always rushes through me and I truly feel like I can conquer the world. Lately i have developed an extreme passion for hats with cleaver words or interesting designs on them... so of course my inevitable response to this impulse was to go to Soho and pick up some sweet hats which i can't seem to take off. For those of you who aren't hat wearers I encourage you to try it, they can be a super cute outfit addition plus they keep the sun out of your pretty made up face. Also [It's a special Plus now that New York heat is in full blast that I seem to change my looks about 100 times a day because of all the sweat I seem to endure... So ultimately that equals more of my personal style posts for you hehe] 
This sweet preview for summer has been such an endearing one, with roof top friendly adventures, exploring parts of my city I have yet to experience, yummy foods, indulging in sweet book, soaking up all the vitamin D I can. I truly anticipate sharing more with you on the blog, also I have been collaborating with some really amazing photographers so stay tuned for those collaborations! 
If you are in New York and are an artist of any sort The pollen Blog would love to have you, fell free to comment below or email ! 
Much Love xx

Self portraits// Shot by The FlowerFluffGirl
//Hat// Brandy Melville 
Beachy Top x Marshalls  

Priscilla Ivette 

Priscilla Ivette
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The ultimate Journal entry|| 4 steps to begin manifesting your dreams

Todays post is for all of the dreamers on this planet who wish to manifest those beautiful goals into a blissful reality. This post may just be the beginning to awakening any stagnant energies that may have been unknowingly put to rest. Now is the time to get Socratic and ask yourself these juicy questions which may begin your mission to birthing your dreams to life.
[I am no expert however I have been practicing this same journal entry excersise and The Pollen Blog would not exist if I hadn't assessed my life; Realizing I was completely dissatisfied with my life I began to make changes, which I now share with you today in hopes you too can experience positive change as well. As cliche as it sounds, change begins with YOU. Try this out and see where you take your life.

Journal quest #1

The BIG question to begin todays journal entry is "Where do I want to see my life?" I know it's a vague question but I encourage you not to over think it as you jot bullet points down of all the beauties you crave in your life. Begin by listing your interests from small to large, perhaps things you have always wanted to learn, places you want to travel, new job ventures, waking up earlier, working out, or maybe launching a blog, or indulging in your crafts more [art, writing, music, photography etc] 

Journal #2
Now that you have your list of things you wish to attract in your life, make a separate list of all the  things you would have to stop doing in order to achieve these goals. For example list things that you wish to eliminate in order to limit procrastination as much as possible. Television is a huge reason why most people do not get things done that could be one for you as well. 
[this portion of the journal entry is your reminder when you look at your goals to limit what is no longer serving you positivity toward achieving your dreamy goals any more!
Journal #3
Now it's time to get your hands a little dirty. Begin breaking your list into three or four main categories, on a separate page. If you need more try to refrain from going over five categories, this can overcomplicate your list. 
Tips to divide your list...
If you have a lot of different artistic goals you may want to put this in a Art category then have your art bullet points listed beneath. Place the most important one on top. 
Once you have finished, your list should look Something like this. This is for example purposes of course 
Art goals
-Learn Painting techniques 
Health goals
-Meditate in the morning 
-Transition to a vegetarian diet 
New Routine
-Wake up every day at 5
-Follow new to do list daily 
-start a travel savings jar...

Journal Entry #4

to manifest your goals circle one or two top goals from each category. Once you have these create a daily todo list with small goals that help you begin to achieve your circled ones from the previous blog entry.

I hope you find this useful, this has been working so well for me. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment section below I'd love to chat// help + hear your thoughts!

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette 

Priscilla Ivette
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About Me || The Voice behind the blog

It's been such overdue post but I have always been told I do things out of the usual order, atlast..I'll spill the ingredients to the Pollen Gal herself. For those of you who are new to The Pollen Blog ventures since last months launch, welcome! I launched the Pollen Blog after watching a Bee documentary which beautifully displayed, the Pollination process. To shorten up what may turn into a dorky rant, Flowers produce Pollen and it is up to the wind + the very important helpers of this planet, Bees to spread Pollen from flowers, trees etc... thus Blossoming = life. Inspired by this idea I decided I too have many gifts in which I can pollinate here on what is now The Pollen Blog. 
My goal here is to display a brighter message for the world, forming a community of likeminded individuals sharing interests in art, style, inspiring quotes, holistic remedies,  insight to learn by + most importantly sharing/collaborating with other artists
//Chakra Choker | Regal Rose //


Tea/ Music Enthusiast                               100%

Closet Poet                                         100% 

Fashion Designer// artist of sorts                  100%

Moon + Earth                                        100%

Self Portraits// Photographs                        100%

Book Worm                                           100%

Herbal Illustrations + holistic remedies            100%

 Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

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Priscilla Ivette
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French influence || Music monday

 Lately, getting more in tuned with my French Roots has been inevitably satisfying, especially when discovering Belgium's French singing beauty, Stromae. Daily activities have transitioned to Pouting my lips, wearing simplistic looks with the usual total messy hair babe vibes...all while attempting to sing words that sound familiar to these French favorites. For those of you who aren't familiar with myself, the FlowerFluffGirl I happen to be French + Puerto Rican with a crazed thirst for the style, culture, and music of all countries of the world. So, it is justifiable that I begin my latest exploration and place of bliss with, French influence. Not sure if this is just my opinion however, the topics of French music seem far closer to reality than what I have  [scratch that] WE have been hearing on the radio. If you don't speak French don't worry links to translations of these beauties will be listed below each tune. Share your thoughts below!

Stromae-Tous Les Mêmes
Translation found here

Stromae- quand c'est?

Stromae- Papaoutai
Translation Found here

To slow down todays playlist, here is an Angelic favorite, Ms Carla Bruni. Her songs are always so with loving meanings sang by her soft voice, and accompanied by organic rhythms...

Carla Bruni- Quelqu'un m'a dit
Translation Found here

Carla Bruni- L'amour
Translation found here

Lastly to end todays playlist on a pop note, artist Indila with her interesting classic french music and her powerfully sharp voice will take you somewhere else entirely...

Indila- Dernière Danse
Translation found here

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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Full Moon || Flower Moon Ritual 5|21|16 Meaning + My experience

Lets chat about The MOON. Full Moon practices are now spreading in popularity with fellow and beloved, "insta witches", Goddesses and Earthly believers like myself. The moons phases have an affect on our moods and possess different energies for each phase. To simplify it all, the full moon naturally affects the waters tides and weather. All the earthly energy shifts and changes during these cycles naturally affect us as well. [After all, we do reside on this motherly planet, it's only right that we are connected with its energies, self consciously or not.] 
 For those of you who aren't familiar with tracking the moon cycles and meanings, The Full Moon usually symbolizes release, letting go, and new fresh beginnings. The moons phases and symbols correlate with the farmers almanac. Native Americans often used the moons phases in  relation to seasons + crops growth etc. hence why May's Full Moon is called The Flower MOON because crops and flowers are beginning to bloom around this period.
 Last year, I began my moon cycle journey, practicing my first ever moon meditative ritual on the beach with my sister. Coincidentally it was exactly around this very Blue Moon/ Flower moon period. At first I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but an interest in nature, beautiful rocks, crystals and water was always prominent. Naturally like most people I had a passion for sunlight and earthly gifts, I just never tried to connect more deeply, developing this natural love for earth on a deeper level has surely been a magical experience. Living in New York connecting with Nature is often a challenging task with concrete buildings everywhere your eyes and feet wander, I took the challenge that night on the beach and I never turned back ever since. Instead of speaking more on my experience that night on the blog, I decided to suggest my beginner full moon ritual and have you all be apart of what can be the start of a beautiful journey or maybe just an interestingly, memorable night with yourself and or with friends. 
*Also keep an eye out for Mars as it will be making an unusually close and bright cameo during this season of Blue moons.*
[Meanings + Representations]
Now is the time to birth all your creativity, love and aspirations to life. Express yourself, plant your seeds and GROW, grow, GROW, like the very seasons lets be inspired as spring roots new Flowers and life to us all. Bring your inner passions to life, dance tonight or paint, sing, write, what ever your passions may be. NOW is the time to welcome your talents to this new cycle springing them to life. Now is the time to embrace them.
Feel all the love surrounding you in all lights and forms. Express your love to yourself and even your beloved with kind gestures and passions.

|| Ritual ||

Place [Suggestive] : Outdoors under the moon, 
or indoors by a photo of the moon or anything inspiring to you in the peace + quiet 
[make sure there are no distractions] 
The Beach,
A field...anywhere natural and soothing

Items:Flower Petals, candles [use flame with caution], crystals, rocks, gemstones, incense, lavender or any relaxing aromas, pen, paper, Soothing Tea or water.

Ritual: Sit with yourself or with friends in a circle, play meditative music, light a candle or surround your self with any relaxing aromas, gems or items listed above. Make a circle surrounding you with  flowers or  chalk or just form a metaphorical  circle with your friends. Have a pen + paper ready in a peaceful  place, safely light a fire. [This can be a candle.] Full Moons are a great time to let go of what is no longer serving you positivity in your life. 

-Meditation set a timer for a comfortable amount of time usually 15 min or 5 min depending on your comfort. My favorite meditation practice during this time is to imagine myself in my blissful place and imagining where/ what I want to welcome into my life, dreams, goals desires etc. I also imagine all the things I am grateful for in my life from being able to drink water to what ever it may be. Once you truly feel all those emotions keep them with you and birth them to life when meditation is done. Surrender your  worries to the universe. Now is your time to truly connect with your elements in your head or out loud. 

-Begin this time to write what you chose to release/rid of during this moon cycle, you may start your writing with "I rid..." list all of the things you want to eliminate from your life, maybe this can be insecurities, people who are harmful for you, or PROCRASTINATION which is very fitting to this moon cycle of growth and passions rid all negativity and be open hearted to receiving all that is good etc. [Addictions such as smoking take time and dedication but feel free to list those as well] end your passage with any affirmation that feels right to you, for instance my favorite "and so it is"

- Once finished you may read it aloud amongst your self or with friends or just begin the burning process.

-You may do an additional meditation or just gaze at the stars, moon what ever it may be drink your tea, or laugh and speak with friends on a positive note. Erase or close your metaphorical circle and that is the end of your ritual!

*Feel free to Dance, sing, what ever feels right to you REMEMBER this moon is welcoming all of you and your luscious talents that reside within your beautiful soul so express yourself and welcome all that is good*

Hope you all enjoy + if you like I would love to hear about your experience

To Purchase the full size rendered calendar here at the amazing Moon Woman Rising Shop

*If you can't seem to view the moon above you tonight you can Watch a livestream of The Full Moon on The Old Farmers Almanac site here *

Happy Full MOON,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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Reinventing yourself || Quotes to grow by

Tis the season to triumph your triumphs. Summer is arriving the flowers are BLOOMING and you are all too. Lets take this moment  to disregard the simple fact that all of our problems have been heavily saturated early this year. Taking inspiration from Herbal healing, I decided we too can learn from the very herbs that grow from this earth. Herbs will thrive through weather changes, adapting and blossoming toward the light, beautifully enough they grow and contain precious gifts of healing for us all. Join me on the Pollin Blog let's read and repost some uplifting quotes n' clip art works by mua, The FlowerFluffGirl. Lets, lets, lets create some light of our own during this darkest time. 

 Feel Free to download + save these lovely images, set them as your wall paper.

If you share them on instagram tag me +Priscilla Ivette (FlowerFluffGirl)  #growth 

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette 
Priscilla Ivette
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Windy Blues

New York is infamous for it's unpredictable weather patterns, and truthfully winter has felt eternal over here so granted staying inside is no longer an option... no matter how windy it is! Taking trips to the beach is always a great way to let off stress and ideally this would not be the perfect beach day but the waters were calling me! Since I was a even tinier gal I have always felt at peace by bodies of water, so naturally when the stress has washed ashore, crashing in all sorts of harsh ways I run to the beach to feel at ease. If you are feeling stressed out find a pond an ocean or a lake, even if it is dark breezy, surrender your worries to the wind and run freely.

|| Special thanks to photographer Derrick for accompanying me during this super chilly day to play dress up with me. This was particularly a different collaboration than his usual editorials... [Stay tuned for brighter collaborations with this fellow]  For more of his 
amazing work click here
Body Suit + Platform Sandals + Woven Joggers || H&M
Jacket [Boutique]

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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