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Shell Jewelry Holder || DIY

Todays DIY is a simple yet overlooked, elegant addition to your living space. This summers constant beachy endeavors in addition to being on an ever lasting ring craze... well you get it,  like sand and water these two needed a home within each other... hehe... Adding earthy touches to my living space is so inspiring and if you're a bohemian freak like myself than this might just be your new makeup desk favorite. 
Things you will need
1.Base Nail polish of choice, vegan and animal cruelty free awesome polish recommendation found here 
2. Sea Shell, Now we all know sally isn't always selling perfect sea shells by the shore, if grabbing one of these by your local beach is a rarity no worries you can find some here
3. Optional accent glitter nail polish, Found here
First, you'll want to make sure your shell is sand free, then simply begin to paint the base coat in long lines across the shell base. Wait until this coat dries then paint over the entire base again to rid of any blotches.
Secondly, to achieve the simple accent look below paint the gold glitter in one corner about 3 times then after that dries begin painting from the corner outwards to give a gradient affect. 
Lastly, dry your sweet new jewelry holder on the window sill, by the next day your favorite rings should have a new sweet home [ Feel free to use a finishing gloss spray if needed] 

Much Love, 
Priscilla Ivette
Priscilla Ivette
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Rock 'n Indie Favorites || Music Monday

It's Music Monday and lately the radios recipe for over saturating the popularity of trap music has only led me to one decision, and that is returning to my old iPod favorites of classic indie + over all rock vibes. Oh, how good is it to listen to a different tempo and a far more humanly message!
To begin todays Music Monday it would be a crime to exclude my junior high and high school favorite, Arctic Monkeys + What better than a gif of the classic Cornerstone video. I mean who can top Alex Turner's effortless poetic approach, 90's aesthetic and classically handsome voice... If you aren't familiar with anything I am blabbing here about then please indulge below with some favorites, also please don't hesitate to go youtube crazy trolling through more tunes by the artists listed below.


1.Arctic Monkeys- CornerStone
1.Arctic Monkeys- Do I wanna know
Arctic Monkeys- Mardy Bum
1.Arctic MonkeysStop The World cause I wanna get out with you
1.Arctic MonkeysCrying lightning 
1.Arctic MonkeysR u Mine? 
1.Arctic Monkeys- I wanna Be Yours 


2.The Neighbourhood-Female Robbery 
2.The Neighbourhood-Cry Baby
2.The Neighbourhood-A little Death
2.The Neighbourhood-Wires
2.The Neighbourhood-Leaving Tonight

THE 1975 

3.The 1975-YOU
3.The 1975-Antichrist
3.The 1975-Robbers
3.The 1975-Falling For You
3.The 1975-SEX 
3. The 1975-The City


Peace 'n Love,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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Golden Days || Beachy Getaways

A beachy escape is always a great idea, nothing says bliss like spending time by the ocean, basking in the sun rays with beautiful people surrounding me... it is always a plus to throw on super fun beach attire while doing it all. Lately my style inspirations have been leaning more toward a sporty bohemian approach, I never would have dared to wear a knitted hat in the summer until my latest hat craze. Collection 18 sent me this beauty last summer and trying it on with this unusual pairing was like music for my eyes. Taking it back to my adolescent years with a dare, yes a DARE, I dare you to have fun this summer away from your phone screens as much as possible! Mix and match your clothes and textures and yes wear a knitted hat to the beach with the exception of taking it off for a swim and maybe catching some rays.
 Cheers fellow readers to making the best of the sunnier days. Much love from your little mermaid, fish, beach bum, designer, poet .... etc etc etc 
Be risky. Live freely. Just be you

Peace 'n Love,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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Lavender by The Bay || Exploring hidden gems Chapter 1

Exploring New York has never been more liberating, venturing out experiencing hidden gems has been nothing but luscious ventures. The Summer breeze is surely arriving with hopeful answers to your dreams, as the lavender buds begin to Bloom closer to your home than you think, filling the air with relaxing aromas to soothe your soul.
Dancing around these lavender fields accompanied by my favorite people was the epitome of a blissful escape this weekend. There's nothing like putting on your favorite bohemian attire and realizing your city, or borough you live in is surrounded by blissful escapes not too far from home... or better yet, these places can be the seeds that plant a luscious home within you. Every week exploring new and fresh gems in my hometown has felt like taking a vacation, being a tourist in your borough is anything but a stale stereotype but instead a fresh outtake on life. This is chapter one of a new lifestyle encompassing traveling, and blog escapes, encouragement for all the lovely visitors of The Pollen Blog. Escape your daily routine and venture out to this world, to brighten up your vision and quench your desires for the world. 
If residing in new York or close by, a trip to Lavender by the Bay is absolutely a relaxing getaway to begin your Chapter of exploration. A blissful place of relaxing aromas gifted from the fields of purple and white lavender, accompanied by a sweet shop filled with TONS of natural lavender products. Don't wait, turn off your routine life of couch sitting or activities that no longer brighten up your days and begin your blissful explorations. Smell, feel, taste life, E-X-P-L-O-R-E

Outfit || Left || 
Limited Vintage Etsy Back pack
Outfit //Right//
Bleached Sneakers Converse
Sun glasses +Dolce & Gabbana 

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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Quote of the Day || Manifestation Tarrot

Today is your season, Time is in your favor to plant your idea seeds and grow, GROW, Grow...
 I decided to make todays post inspired by all the women and male models in my life. Too often idea seeds are not planted, and not tomorrow or next week but today take the time to give yourself the attention you desperately deserve,EXPRESS yourself. Write your goals down. If you don't know where to start no need to add worry lines to your beautiful face, the pollen Blog has got you covered here. If you already know your goals and what you wish to achieve simply begin doing it today or small versions of that art form to bring you to your larger goal. Today you will manifest! Only beginning with 
Sit down and begin to feel how your body feels as your truest passion is being fulfilled ... Adverse: Notice how you feel when procrastinating. Does your stomach clench? Do you feel tense?... If so then that is your sign from the universe to act upon yourself and stop denying your truest, highest state of being. Release, write, draw, dance, sing etc. What ever your beautiful goals// purposes may be. Simply plant those seeds, water them, love them for they are inside of you, this new found beautiful growth, the flowers, the life that sprouts from manifestation is merely extensions of YOU. 

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivete 
Priscilla Ivette
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Star Gaze playlist || Music Monday

Blissful weather has arrived, and star gazing amidst friendly adventures is inevitable. Here is the perfect playlist to evoke those indie movie, flower child vibes. Lets face it we all like to get poetic at night and pretend we are characters of our favorite indie flicks hehe! Relatable?...Tonight's playlist is perfection to accompany you whist the New moon energy from yesterday still lingers in the air. Pick a spot outside with your friends; or just you + your lover... aka your iPod, because we all know music is your first one true love [it is okay secrets safe with us] 

No Vacation || August 
Good morning || Warned You
VARSITY || So Sad, So Sad
Moon Tides || 1966
Flower Boy || Lemonade 
BedRoom || Work This out
Acid Ghosts || The Lake Song
SAMPHA || Timmy's Prayer

Much love,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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DIY || Dream catcher inspired wall art

Dream catchers have always been a favorite, from their simplistic beauty to their elegant meanings, owning one is simply a bohemian must have. This project has been long awaited, and finally it is birthed to life! This DIY is super relaxing + simple, finally fufilling this project has already inspired me to do more projects like such on the Blog. When you are finished with this simplistic beauty I promise you'll feel so inspired and accomplished, so put on your indie jams and lets get artsy on this luscious Saturday.
|| Things you will need ||

-Three small twigs, sizes may range according to how large you wish your wall art to be. 
[Twigs can be found outside or purchase a variety of twigs here]
[Found here]
-Lace Trim + Yarn or Fabric of choice 
[Lace found here, Yarn Found here]
|| Step 1||
 Lay out The twigs in the Form of a triangle, one twig should be a bit shorter then the rest. 
[Cut the two side twigs to match in size]
|| Step 2 ||
Wrap the twine around the twigs in the form of an x as shown below, tie the twine into a tight knot after you went over the x twice.
 [Make sure to tie your knot toward the back, cutting the excess off]
| Do this tie for the two sides of the triangle |
|| Step 3 ||
When tying the twine for the top of the dream catcher, simply wrap it back around repeatedly until you feel it is secure. 
[Knot it tightly toward the back, cutting any excess off]
|| STEP 4 ||
Gather your lace, feel free to play around with lengths and the order of your lace.
[To achieve a similar look simply cut some shorter then the other. When cutting your lace leave a bit extra to tie around your twig then adjust the lengths later by cutting from the bottom]
|| Step 5 ||
Tying your lace around your twigs
[When tying your lace wrap it so your knots are toward the back as shown below, play around with how you like it to look before tying your lace tight and cutting the excess]
|| Step 6 ||
Tie a variety of pieces to your wall piece. To tie yarn as shown below cut one piece of yarn the length you wish then match two more and cut the same length.
[ Wrap the yarn as you have been with the lace keeping all three together tie it tightly around the twig and braid down the yarn.]

Priscilla Ivette
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