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4 Herbs women should befriend ||

An interest in herbs, herbal healing, herbal art.... well you get it... is definitely a peaking interest. There definitely is a soulful passionate connection whenever I stumble upon herbal illustrations or simply spotting them in a local garden. Also if you follow my adventures on snapchat [flowerfluffgal] or Instagram you may have already seen my version of playtime is studying these incredible herbal healing cards, accompanied by medieval herbal illustrations on them from The Cloisters.
 I suppose I have these cards to thank, for further sparking my interest in herbalism!
 Recently, more than ever I have been researching all ways possible towards a fully holistic lifestyle. Todays herbal bliss was inspired by horrid menstrual cramps along with other obstacles us women overcome daily.... yeah cheers to being bad ass... hehe. However lets be even more daring, instead of conquering our beautiful bodies with medicine thats not natural, lets BEFRIEND our bodies with natural herbs that just might save some of our womanly needs. This post is mainly directed towards woman however not limiting these herbal  beauties to just women as they too can have a diverse range of uses for anyone.  Promise you'll love my new herbal card obsession as much as I do after reading what these herbs are capable of!
|| List of HERBS ||

 Soothing herb used in teas, bath products, aromatically used in candles, oils, along with many other aromatherapy products, used in for culinary purposes ex: salts etc.
Lavender is a commonly used herb, perfect for relaxing and soothing stress. "The Flowers and the pre flowering grayish green leaves are treated to produce a medicinal oil used to remedy headache, dizziness, and flatulance.
Lavender bliss, found here 

Best in teas, once used in Europe to produce fabric in comparison with Linen.
Uses are great for nursing mothers to assist milk production, and used to treat urinary tract problems.  
Beauty tip, may be used as a topical solution on the scalp as a treatment for hair loss.
TIP: Use nettle with caution as the bristles may be painful on skin, make sure plant is properly prepped.
Tea found here

Helps moderate menstruation, also used to help encourage contractions during childbirth. Contains constricting properties for blood vessels and has been medicinally used as a bloog coagulant. 
Tea found here

May be brewed in a tea
Contains alchilleine, a compound that is useful for shortening menstruation.
Tip: [ your perfect herb when you dont want mother nature accompanying you on vacation] 
Tea found here 
Featuring || Herbs and Medicinal Plants Knowledge Cards 


Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette


Priscilla Ivette
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Full Moon 7.19 || Moon Chat

Todays Full Moon will fully illuminate the sky at 6:57 pm, all the luscious energies have already begun saturating the air as a wave of emotions have begun to fill my heart, and the hearts of many with a vast wave of energies. These energies can be chaotic if your thought process and overall mental state is clouded with far too many thoughts. A message for deep knowledge of the self is especially needed. During a time like such to connect with nature,providing yourself with quiet time and meditation is encouraged always, especially during a cyclic change like todays full moon. 
This moon cycle has not been a particularly easy one for myself however it has served significant lessons in retrospect. As most of you are aware every moon phase represents something different,  energies flow through the air, the flowers and luscious earth life bounce about in unique ways all according to what powerful cycle we all are living amongst. Before displaying the work of lovely interpreters  at cafe astrologist  I would like to remind you all that writing how you feel during these cycles along with how they truly resonate with YOU is vital to your learning process. 
Your passions, digressions, progressions are all seeds for growth, so pour them out, read them, meditate on those thoughts, ultimately, water them. Allow all the universal messages of your truest most divine self fill your heart space with ease as your mind grows with knowledge of thyself during each cycle, and beyond...
most importantly remember to rid of what is no longer serving your mind, body, and spirit with positive energies of growth.
For todays Full moon meaning and astrological interpretations in depth click here to visit the amazing minds at Astrology cafe 
Art by artist: Stella Maria Baer 

Moon Influence playlist

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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New looks along with artistic inspiration is ever changing as the seasons phase. It is truly inevitable that as an artist we all grow... beginning with our hair of course, right?... thats at least how it works in my book. Since I was younger it's been a cyclic action for me to notice how I wish to improve in my life and how I wish to be perceived, visually etc. I always begin my artistic journey with my outer appearance, then interior design, along with my art forms, fashion designing, writing and photography.Lately I have been inspired by more of a natural, vintage, more minimal look as you can see. This tank was the perfect addition to a simple look on an incredibly sunny day... perhaps too sunny for jeans hehe. Personally I donut own many jeans, preferably because comfort is key in my book and theres not a huge variety of comfy ones, so I practically live in this pair! [Shamefully admitting so hehe]. 
 My artistic transition has officially begun and I suppose I have to thank all the lovely inspiring artist, bloggers, and vloggers of instagram for evoking this new light with in. 
If I may offer a mantra to follow this week it would be:
"Get to know yourself everyday, be Socratic, grow, grow, grow."

High Waist Denim | Forever 21
Shoes + Glasses Bag || Rainbow 

Peace 'n love,

Priscilla Ivette
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Landing in paradise || Chapter 1 Puerto Rico

At last, this little boheme just landed in paradise, a place of bliss like no other, Puerto Rico. Where the sun kisses my soul and creative juices are extra stimulated. Not sure what is so inspiring to me about long commutes or staying put for a few hours, however I am extremely grateful for them since those moments never fail to inspire me. My idea notebook is  nearly filled with endless scribbles, to share with you all. The nature of my home Island has been far too kind. In addition to the luscious nature there are tons of bohemian women dressed in bright pigments it's truly been so rejuvenating... and everything else under the
 S-U-N. Palm trees swaying in the wind, a world of color,plus tons of fresh coconut water and coconut treats for this coco enthusiast.  At last, I have landed in my home land, a place of true existance
Updates: During this trip I will be launching a new Series [name and details will be revealed this week] I will be  wearing looks styled by me, shot around Puerto Rico featuring clothing from one store. The store will be revealed at the end of the Chapter series this week!
 These past couple of months in retrospect have been anything but easy, being able to melt away this stress and cool off poolside with sweet minty drinks... an addition to playing dress up in my favorite colorful bohemian outfits is surely the reward my soul needed. Looking out my window and feeling the warm air on my skin feels like the soft caress from the universe, thank you, thank you, thank you. This trip was much needed and this little bohemian could not have expressed enough gratitude for all this luscious nature on my beautiful Island, Puerto Rico. [Not sure if it is just the luscious nature or beau cause I am from here but being here for my second time exploring my roots feels like I have been a puzzle piece searching for a home and finally I fit.] There's honestly so much love for the positive vibrations I can tell you all a books worth! hehe... Because there is so much beauty here and the wifi was not the best I vlogged my entire trip on snap chat. If you missed out no worries the posts, my outfits and thoughts are all being birthed now  starting with today.Thank you for everyone who enjoyed/ watched my snaps I love you all!

Much Love, 

Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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Detoxing Day || Moroccan Red Clay Mask

Nothing says bliss like a pre vacation detox. Yesterday, I was on the hunt for a natural organic face mask to give my skin a little pick me up before my upcoming travels! I haven't mentioned it yet but I will be heading out to Puerto Rico for fourth of July weekend...which  honestly could not be a better excuse to treat myself to a mini spa day of detoxing tea and clay facial, for radiant clear skin. 

This was my first time using a clay facial, I decided to go with a Moroccan red clay facial for my pre vaca glow, as it detoxes all your impurities from your skin. Since I haven't been eating too well lately with my super busy schedule it has been showing on my skin with small breakouts spread through out my face. To accompany todays skin detox, I decided to go all in with a perfect Chrysanthemum tea which is the perfect tea to clear out toxins from your body, plus I ADORE the way the buds look in my cup... also the name itself brings back nostalgic memories to one of my favorite childhood books, your skin will thank you for this inner + outer body detox after all, how your skin looks outside is a reflection of what is going on inside your body swell. 

//Benefits of Morrocan red clay//
Moroccan Red Clay contains traces of iron oxide which as a result pulls impurities from your skin , the red appearance leaves your sin looking radiant.

//How to make the facial//
Pour powder into a small mixing bowl, a large tablespoon
 is enough to use for your face, and to share with some friends. Use purified water, preferred if using boiled water to really enhance the morrocan red clay properties. 
[Add enough water for it to be a pasty consistency, avoid making the mixture too watery, if so add more powder]

Allow to cool for a bit before applying to skin. Feel free to add milk, essential oils and herbs to mix into your clay mask for additional benefits.
 [ According to your skins needs] 
Tip: For extra radiant skin add a few drops of orange essential oil to your mixture

Apply a thin layer of the mask all over your skin avoiding eye, mouth and nose area as shown in the photos. Wait until it dries cracking, this will give your skin a tightening sensation as it pulls impurities. 
Remove with warm water, feel free to use a damp warm cloth. After product is removed use cold water to close off your pores.

Tip:Use excess mixture on your body where breakouts are prone. 
Use a natural moisturizer and voila !

//All about chrysanthemum tea// 
Chrysanthemum tea is a great detox tea for the summer as it will naturally lower your bodies temperature.

Rich in a vitamin A called B carotene which naturally treats skin problems along with amazing anti aging properties. 


Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette 

Priscilla Ivette
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