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Maintaining daily sanity || Journey to Wellness Ch. 1

S-t-r-e-s-s is a word that haunts the human race far too often, however it is natural and happens to the best of us [unfortunately] Lately, stress has been a large component due to normal life changes, and attempts to adapt to all. Fortunately this has influenced a journey for positive and ever growing interest in wellness. Maintaining my bodies PHYSICAL well being has only led me in the direction  for my MENTAL sanity as well. Luckily there seems to be a universal chain reaction in natural awareness and over all wellness products, thus blossoming a chain of businesses opening with  sweet organic products, apothecaries and yoga studios [heavenly if you ask me!] I have yet to fully indulge in all of these businesses however these small meditative practices, oils, and introductory herbal studies have only left early sunlit cravings [pre child's pose] for more.... yes more, more. The rewards are super self gratifying and addictive thus far. [Fair disclaimer alert]
Life move in vast paces, letting your minds eye in a whirl wind of confusion, deep sighs, and maybe unnecessary cries to your girlfriends couch during "girl time". No worries because I have gathered some remedies to give you mental clarity and overall peace of mind  including;  helpful meditative practices, aromas "sniff, sniff ahhhhhh" and diet changes all for sweet relief.  I am not a certified wellness coach however these are healthy practices redeemed by fellow wellness coaches encountered over numerous platforms along with simple practices I have begun to indulge in.

// Morning Meditative  practices //
For high stress level weeks, taking time to practice a 15 or 5 minute meditative practice can be helpful before beginning your day, Taking deep breaths and focusing on your breathing slowly as you inhale and exhale can have a tremendous affect on your awareness for the day. Practicing focusing on such a small yet vital part of our survival will help clear your head space, calm you down. Post meditation you will feel more focused in your present. Chose a quiet place purhaps even outside allowing the sun or breeze to relax with you, or escape to your place of bliss. [if you are new to meditation here is a beginner guided meditation found here  ]
 Morning stretch || Revitalize your organs with H2O
Another morning practice that I have found helpful for my morning distress routine while getting ready for blog posts or what ever is occurring during my daily routine, is  a daily stretch and drinking a full cup of water before my morning herbal tea blend. Drinking a cup of water will revitalize your organs awakening your body, and hydrating you from a nights rest. This is a small practice I have learned from a great friend of mine and although it seems small you will truly feel a difference in cleanliness throughout your body for the entire day. [Drink about two full cups of water warm or room temp] A daily stretch will ease your body of any aches, and prepare your muscles for the day [ begin with simple neck rotations clockwise and counter clock wise, stretch your hamstrings reaching for your toes standing up or while sitting on the floor. Practice child's pose, and sitting up straight to align your spine while sitting Indian style on the floor. [practicing these simple stretches and drinking water to begin your day will relieve your body of any physical stress thus sending positive signals to your brain relieving mental stress as well]

Nightly routines ||
Playing relaxing meditation music and stretching before bed is a helpful routine before bed. If you have trouble sleeping because your daily stress is still clouding your mental, drinking chamomile or sleepy time tea then stretching before bed, followed by meditation music found here is a golden routine.
|| Aromas ||
A powerful aroma that will relax your mind and body  is adding lavender drops to your pillow, or spritz the aroma around your room for a better more relaxed nights rest.
||Write it down||
If you cant seem to budge tomorrows list of duties from your mental, writing a list of things to do with check boxes can prove to lesson the thoughts from your mind providing ease. If it's written down you can sleep with a clear relaxed mind because your list has it planned for you when you awake you can conquer each individual task one at a time, plus checking off your boxes has proven to send rewarding messages to your brain.

Cup O' Tea // Diet 
Drinking relaxing lavender teas, chamomile teas, or green tea detoxes can relieve your body of any harsh toxins and naturally relax your body due to its easing properties.
[If you have anxiety steer clear of any caffeinated teas]

||Simple Daily practices ||
-Good posture
 [fact: Bad posture sends negative signals to your brain affecting your brain, also adding stress to body parts and organs]
-Drinking 5-6 cups of water daily
-Drink one herbal tea blend a day 

"I live by tea, researching teas online depending on my needs has helped me so much on a daily basis, I live for new found  apothecaries"

"Lastly, Love your self. Loving yourself begins with your inner body voyage, affecting your outer body as well. The way your body feels and operates affects how you perceive the world, your thoughts your body and your mindfulness. Be kind to yourself, begin the journey to wellness with me." 
WellNess Series [Must Watch] 
British Vogue Wellness Series with Camille Rowe 
Watch part 1 here 

Much Love,
Priscilla Ivette 

Priscilla Ivette
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