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Re - Connecting | New Moon Sage Routine

New Sage | Manifestation
Recently, I purchased a new sage, after feeling disconnected with mother earth and my overall highest self. With energies accentuating manifestation as we welcome the new moon very soon, I certainly felt it was dire that I make a mission of self love, re-visiting all the aspects of my life I can help soothe. Aromatherapy is known to help soothe and channel a creative, some say spiritual stimulus in the body thus relaxing your mind body and soul. For an artist like myself it is definitely recommended to explore scents along with deep breathing exercises to really help stimulate and channel what seems like an etherial world within. Eden at best, pianos playing, sweet harps whispering in the background, I dance with sage lit lightly scenting, and cleansing around my creative space entering a garden planted within myself. 
I have always felt deeply connected to incense and within the last three years sage has been my absolute go to when cleansing my home/ creative space and my self. Beginning with a visit to spiritual shop Namaste, along with my local herbal pharmacy supplying me with holistic tea remedies, essential coconut oil, almond oils and a deep cleansing blue clay facial my latest detoxifying clay vice, yes, yes, yes.

...Dear Diary, I have not been too kind to my body. However I choose to conclude this statement with a detox both spiritually and healthily.

[Aura Cleansing New Moon Sage Routine]

-Moldavite Bath rocks [Found here]
-Sage Found Here
-Herbal Tea of choice [Chamomile
-Blue Clay Mask or natural Face mask optional [Found here]
-Essential oil IE: coconut oil, almond oil, lavender oil [oil of choice found here

-Begin routine by creating a sacred space. Allowing no outer world distractions [Such as sirens or people speaking]. -

-Play relaxing or inspiring music evoking peaceful stillness//creative stimulus for you as an individual. [Latest sage playlist favorite found here or here]

-Boil two teaspoons of organic chamomile herbs for tea. 

-Run your bath water adding the moldavite rocks and add a handful of fresh chamomile to your bath

-While your bath is filling and your music is playing light your sage and cleanse yourself from head to toe. Feel free to speak loudly releasing all you wish to cleanse yourself from, ending in an affirmation "and so be it" cleanse your space and welcome all the energy you have and are, speak positive powerful affirmations "I am beautiful, strong, creative, powerful etc" 

-Put out the sage after you feel you have cleansed enough. 

-Soak in your bath listen to music, read, drink your tea, apply your clay mask [optional for detox purposes] 

-Hope you enjoy this new routine. 

[ video's coming to the blog soon]

There are a variety of sages, it is recommended to begin by smelling them all in front of you and seeing which scent and meaning you feel truly resonates with you most. Typically I go for a white sage which is said to be a very powerful sage when cleansing stones, crystals, and your living space. For my new sage routine I purchased a manifestation sage, stimulating love, inspiration, creativity, awakening any stagnant energies. The sage should resonate with your current needs during each phase in your life.

Post By | Priscilla Ivette 

Priscilla Ivette
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