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Turmeric Face Mask || Benefits of Turmeric on skin

Turmeric is a spice commonly used in Indian recipes and is used as a common beauty practice in India for flawless skin.  Disclaimer [ Tumeric stains clothing and leaves a sleight yellowish hue to your skin however it washes out] Tip: Best to apply this mask at night, allowing the sleight yellowish hue to fully fade and wash away in the morning. [use an old pillow case]
Face Mask Mixture 
There are a variety of methods when making a turmeric face mask, this Mixture I found to be best for my skin type which is medium to dry around this time of year. If you are concerned with dark spots also known as hyper pigmentation from past breakouts, you may add half a squeezed lemon to the Mixture, as lemons are known to have lightening properties. 

1 Tablespoon of plain organic yogurt 

2 Tea spoons of TURMERIC powder [Any Turmeric should be fine as long as it's not to dried out] For this mask the Turmeric should be highly pigmented if possible, my new favorite to use is this one used below from Spice and Tease found here.

3 tablespoons of milk [add enough milk so the Mixture is a paste, no too watery or it will slide off] 

Once the Mixture is complete apply with brush all over face.

Post By || Priscilla Ivette 

Priscilla Ivette
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NEW Segment: Ask a Woman || Post Break up Advice

Calling all Women to The Pollen Blog!
Today's new series, "Ask a woman" has been a long awaited project where a variety of inspiring women, will be asked questions that resonate with pretty much anyone at some point in their lives. 
Today [myself] Priscilla Ivette [writer of The Pollen Blog] will be asking a long time female friend [Kate] a series of questions, for some badass Post Break up advice.
FYI: Kate is super inspiring and hella liberated. From her fearless instagram approach, self love, and just how well she has been handling what most girls would deem to be a bad break up... I'd say this convo is full of wit and pure advice you can not miss.
Here is a very informal , formal convo... "depending how you look at my mini text pod cast approach" but yes you are invited to advice that may potentially make your day, morning ...  mourning, and year.
Grab your tea & Let's get this convo started.... 

 Priscilla: "So lets begin, How do you feel post breakup ... talk about anything, what would be your message, do you feel liberated, do you feel more sexy ?..."

Kate: "Don't ever be in a relationship where someone is putting you down more... I didn't feel any of those positive things you just said until the end."

Kate: ..."Towards the end it became this thing where it was like what's the point? We were just together for intimate reasons it became a very lustful relationship"

Priscilla: "I've noticed you are more positive and it is inspiring for me and I believe it will be for other women going through a breakup"
Tips From Kate:
-Start going out more
-MEET NEW PEOPLE "I was a hermit crab, and I was never like that! it's a toxic relationship if you become someone negative"
-Dress like your old self again [and always]

Priscilla: "What would you say about individuality?"

Kate: Focus on yourself and your whole message, life goes on! [ I love you man was totally playing in the background and made us laugh pretty hard during this part of the interview]

Priscilla: "What made you feel sexy post breakup?"

Kate: "He never made me feel sexy, I feel free now it's FREEDOM" 

Priscilla:  "Because you post fairly liberated pictures on instagram of you and your body [it is very brave] what would you say to women?

kate :"It is our body, you don't have to look a certain way because that is not even realistic anymore love yourself... and DON'T LET A BREAKUP MAKE YOU STOP EATING" 
"If you are in a relationship, don't ignore the warning signs"

Kate: "I'll always care about him and think about him from time to time but you have to think about both the good times and the bad times... to keep you from messaging them"

Priscilla:  "What were things you told yourself//what was your motivation for going out and living life?"

Kate: " I write notes to myself reminding me to love myself and all I have to love and experience with myself and I re- read it whenever"

"I deserve to be treated like the love I am"
"There's always going to be someone better out there for you, and although you probably thought that was the love of your life but truthfully if you broke up and there were warning signs then that person was not for you"

Post Written/ photographed by || Priscilla Ivette Guest interviewee/ model Kate Lopacki 

Priscilla Ivette
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Thrifted Inspiration || High Pants and Masculinity

Girl boss vibes saturate the air along with girlships growing at a vast pace. 
[Being informal is okay, dressing in pants that remind you of your grandma getting married during a time when dresses were only allowed is also okay. Proving that breaking chains and being you is most important in this life... yes I'll take them... Yes I'll take it, life.]
"Gender rolls are non existent wear your bossiness attire and prove your self to the world"
Outfit above || Thrifted 
Denim Jacket || 3 x 1

Much Love
-Priscilla Ivette-

Priscilla Ivette
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Ultimate Boho Hair Inspiration

"Being a hair chameleon is never a dull indulgence " 
Switching hair styles is literal second nature to me, since my tiny-er days of walking around with a short bob. A deep recollection of memories tying endless colorful hair ties, clip in mermaid streaks, and stealing my sisters gel because I just discovered what a fohawk was... the styles have been endless. Thankfully the hair endeavors are much more toned down however still ever present. Now that I have had my countless hair color and bleached fixes a more natural  set of styles appeal to me. Ranging from tousled looks, braids, wild curls and fringes that scream Boheme queen!... yes these are just some of the ultimate hair inspirations. Special thanks to the babes of pinterest and instagram for this sweet inspiration...

Post by | Priscilla Ivette

Priscilla Ivette
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Having an undefined style is the "new" style

Being asked how to define your style, is often a frightening question... speaking from personal experience it sucks  it really sucks to slap a predetermined label to define your style. Quite frankly why should you settle for any other word than "you" when speaking on your daily masterpiece? With a recent yet brilliant discovery, I realized  I should avoid shopping in attempt to mirror one particular style, but instead shop multiple combinations of styles, combining pieces that interest me. This method although it seems a bit ingenious, is often forgotten. Late night ponders have led me to question, when did individuality and breaking fashion rules become such a muted commonality ? Although my closet may not fit the perfectly curated categories of many well known fashion, style bloggers/ influencers, my closet need be said is certainly random, but a sheer representation of beautiful "me". With items ranging from a  thrifted floor length pink Lord And Taylor tufted jacket [often mistaken for a quilt], subtle Guess button downs, to loud bohemian sheer printed items, all...... the way .... to Free People lacy floor length dresses, accompanied by Gothic punk inspired, Jeffrey Campbell, creepers . Yes. I am proud to say my closet does not need to look like anyone else's because it is fun and representative of myself. This blissful realization is something I wish all of you lovely readers to explore while getting dressed truly pick items that represent you as an individual, and if no one is wearing it [that's always a plus]. 
"Having an undefined, unpredictable style is certainly the "NEW" and best way to approach STYLE." 

Priscilla Ivette
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