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NEW Segment: Ask a Woman || Post Break up Advice

Calling all Women to The Pollen Blog!
Today's new series, "Ask a woman" has been a long awaited project where a variety of inspiring women, will be asked questions that resonate with pretty much anyone at some point in their lives. 
Today [myself] Priscilla Ivette [writer of The Pollen Blog] will be asking a long time female friend [Kate] a series of questions, for some badass Post Break up advice.
FYI: Kate is super inspiring and hella liberated. From her fearless instagram approach, self love, and just how well she has been handling what most girls would deem to be a bad break up... I'd say this convo is full of wit and pure advice you can not miss.
Here is a very informal , formal convo... "depending how you look at my mini text pod cast approach" but yes you are invited to advice that may potentially make your day, morning ...  mourning, and year.
Grab your tea & Let's get this convo started.... 

 Priscilla: "So lets begin, How do you feel post breakup ... talk about anything, what would be your message, do you feel liberated, do you feel more sexy ?..."

Kate: "Don't ever be in a relationship where someone is putting you down more... I didn't feel any of those positive things you just said until the end."

Kate: ..."Towards the end it became this thing where it was like what's the point? We were just together for intimate reasons it became a very lustful relationship"

Priscilla: "I've noticed you are more positive and it is inspiring for me and I believe it will be for other women going through a breakup"
Tips From Kate:
-Start going out more
-MEET NEW PEOPLE "I was a hermit crab, and I was never like that! it's a toxic relationship if you become someone negative"
-Dress like your old self again [and always]

Priscilla: "What would you say about individuality?"

Kate: Focus on yourself and your whole message, life goes on! [ I love you man was totally playing in the background and made us laugh pretty hard during this part of the interview]

Priscilla: "What made you feel sexy post breakup?"

Kate: "He never made me feel sexy, I feel free now it's FREEDOM" 

Priscilla:  "Because you post fairly liberated pictures on instagram of you and your body [it is very brave] what would you say to women?

kate :"It is our body, you don't have to look a certain way because that is not even realistic anymore love yourself... and DON'T LET A BREAKUP MAKE YOU STOP EATING" 
"If you are in a relationship, don't ignore the warning signs"

Kate: "I'll always care about him and think about him from time to time but you have to think about both the good times and the bad times... to keep you from messaging them"

Priscilla:  "What were things you told yourself//what was your motivation for going out and living life?"

Kate: " I write notes to myself reminding me to love myself and all I have to love and experience with myself and I re- read it whenever"

"I deserve to be treated like the love I am"
"There's always going to be someone better out there for you, and although you probably thought that was the love of your life but truthfully if you broke up and there were warning signs then that person was not for you"

Post Written/ photographed by || Priscilla Ivette Guest interviewee/ model Kate Lopacki 

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