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R-e-l-e-a-s-e || Visit your happy place

Taking a spontaneous trip to the beach in the midst of fall in NYC... sure that sounds like a great idea. Lately walking around with a ball of stress has led me to the solution of visiting my happy place. Why do we withhold ourselves from our favorite reachable place of bliss so often... too often ? With sage lit and crystals in hand I trucked to the beach with one of my closest of friends. Dancing by the sea surrounded by darkness and the relaxing sound of waves and soothing scent of sage, ahhh releasing stress never seemed so easy. Like a monthly invitation to chocolate cravings I encourage all of you to take a deep breath and visit your happy place. If you can't fly to your happy place physically than sit somewhere comfortable, quiet, close your eyes allowing your mind to take you there. Smell it feel it, laugh it out, cartwheels I'm the sand and nothing but good vibes, R-E-L-E-A-S-E

Post By || Priscilla Ivette


Priscilla Ivette
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Wellness: Self Love || Advice in my Calvin's

Self love and or confidence appears in various forms of packaging ... whether it is literally your favorite +urbanoutfitters  underwear or your inner stars that shine so bright, or your outer skin, body, fat, bones, beautifully composing your total brilliance.  
We are all a living breathing MASTERPIECE, and we all have something luscious to offer during this life. People are not always going to understand the art that you are and that is perfectly okay, it does not change the fact that you are still ART. Everyone is not gifted enough to see the beauty in you but you can always see the beauty in you, if you truly ALLOW it. Self love is a practice indeed and should be done as often as possible until it is just natural that you can dance around in your underwear and still feel as confident as the naked moon and sun appearing in front of earth for their lifetime appearance. 
Love your many moons
[Affirmations] Stand in front of the mirror speak out loving affirmations "I am strong, I am powerful, I am beautiful inside and out... [feel free to add all that you love even your mole that resembles a chocolate chip on your belly hehe] 

[Put good into your body] Making healthy choices such as drinking water everyday beginning a new daily exercise routine will not only make you feel more alive health wise but is a form of self love.

[Stop comparing yourself to other individuals] Beauty standards do not define the beauty that you are, once you begin to practice loving the person you are "imperfections" and all from the way your ribs show when you lay down or the way your belly folds over when you sit, what ever your body may be, is still beautiful because it is unique and true to you. 

Beginning these practices can truly be the start of a new attitude, a new and improved version of you. Positive thinking truly changed my perspective on a lot and I would not have been able to do so without loving myself, and everything beautiful I had to offer the world.

Self Love is not limited to the outer body but the inner as well. To truly love oneself is to love WHOLE. 

Practicing self love, has allowed me to learn more of who i am what I wish to be and has even changed the people I surround my self with. not to make self love sound like an infomercial but please please please buy into yourself and this beautiful product of a being that you are. Read books you like eat weird foods go to artistic places. Show the world the incredible person that you are. Invest in yourself with these practices... no need for a toll free number because your present and this life is your calling to love. 

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 [ +urbanoutfitters ] 
Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bikini 

Post by|| Priscilla Ivette 
Priscilla Ivette
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Back into the Rythm ||

Picture a fresh coloring book, just outlines. Lacking color but all the possibilities are still there. In retrospect these past months have been just like the imagery above, creative input was there, all the possibilities were laid out yet I could not do any of it. Now imagine a music player, the best effing music player all decked out in luscious sixties vibes, you have your favorite record in hand, -you place the record on the player and the music begins the rhythm fills your space, your veins your heart is pumping and alive you are once more. Dancing with laughter grace and creativity at last, this is how I feel. I truly feel ALIVE, electric and I refuse to stop the music. Designing and truly indulging in all my artistic escapes once more is everything I needed to enter the colder months of this year, wearing what ever I want ignoring trends, playing music that perfectly accompanies my Indian chai blends. 
Getting back into the rhythm is what we all need from time to time, we may lose our colors out of season but the outline is still there, the colors are still possible, and the EFFING music will PLAY!!!! ...All we have to do is put the record ON.
 Necklace [Design original], Boys Button Down [Gap], One piece Thrifted, Boyfriend Jeans [Forever 21]
Undies [+urbanoutfitters

Post By || Priscilla Ivette
Priscilla Ivette
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