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Fast natural hair growth || The Inversion method

Recently after diving into multiple hair growth posts all across various platforms I discovered a natural and interesting way for all of those [myself included] who are desperately trying to speed up the hair growth process. The Golden method discovered is the inversion method.

The inversion method is a method used to induce hair growth at a much faster rate than normal. Some believe this will grow your hair up to half an inch in just one week. After continuous research I began day 1 yesterday.

This method has two variations, inverting yourself, flipping upside down or performing variations of yoga poses for 3-4 minutes since doing either of these two can cause blood to rush to your head it is a advised to perform this process with caution and in slow intervals if possible. If at any time dizziness occurs, any tingling sensations, slower heart rate, blurred vision occurs, slowly come up from the position and try a variation of this method.

First boil hot water and pour it over a towel. [Allow it to cool a bit so it doesn't burn your scalp.] If you have a hair steamer at home it would be preferred to do so instead to have the same affect. This part of the process opens your scalp pores allowing the hair follicles to be stimulated for hair growth.
If you do not have a hair steamer at home place this towel once not too hot and place it around your head for up to 6 minutes.

Heat up coconut oil, for about 12-14 seconds in the microwave. I mixed in some almond oil which also promotes healthy hair growth. Coconut oil and almond oil contain numerous proteins and beneficial qualities that will assist your hair follicles in the process of growing your hair.

Message the oil once not too hot into scalp slowly and softly for about 5 minutes. Once scalp is fully saturated you can stop here as this point if you are uncomfortable with being inverted. 
[This will still promote hair growth as long as this process is continued for one week just not as dramatic as the inversion process.] 

Massaging your hair follicles stimulates blood flow encouraging growth. Practicing the inversion method with an already stimulated scalp is just a plus however before practicing inverting your head it is recommended to consult your doctor based on your conditions. If you already practice yoga then this should be fine however still proceed with caution.


Practice method for one minute periods while being inverted and slowly come up.

For this method to work best it is adviced to do it for 3-4 minutes everyday for one week. This should only be done for one week out of the month and it is not beneficial to do for more than one week considering your hair will get use to additional blood flow and will not grow as quickly as it did after one weeks results.

// Variations of inverting yourself //
[During any of these variations feel free to take a break since having the blood rush to your head is serious and uncomfortable between each minute it is recommended to come up slowly back to an upright position then continue]

- Lay on a bed with head tilted back off the edge of the bed until head is inverted message scalp for 3- 4 minutes taking deep, slow controlled breaths. 

-Downward dog [Yoga position] 

-[Head stand] advanced yoga pose 

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