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Healing with Pink Himalayan salt || Wellness

Having a reiki healer on hand at all times to soothe fellow stress would be ideal however many of us do not have the time or pocket for a daily dose of reiki no fear because the Himalayan salt lamp will literally heal you as you sleep or work. Yes a salt lamp has never been closer to gold. 
One night I crashed at my sisters place after a painful night, she simply kept her Himalayan salt lamp lit bedside for me and seriously I awoke the next morning googling if this thing was magic. 

After continuous research a discovery was made that, Himalayan salt lamps are indeed small chunks of magic... hehe just kidding, but the Healing properties Himalayan Salt and the Himalayan salt lamp are no joke. 

Healing properties of Pink Himalayan Salt 

The Himalayan Salt is derived from Pakistan and thankfully brought to places a round the world to benefit from it's healing properties. The Himalayan salt lamp is known to produce negative ions, if you dont know what negative ions are well heres just a small peak at their magic. Negative ions are found mainly in nature surrounded areas, such as beaches, forests, oceans, waterfalls etc Hence why us humans often feel increasingly blissful and at ease in these environments. The Pink himalayan Salt lamp takes in positive ions thus producing negative ions. It absorbs water particles naturally found in the air and release cleansed water vapor back into the air filled with those luscious negative ions, this has an amazing affect on the lungs keeping them clear.

Having this baby on will improve the air quality in your living space surrounding the lamp, and is great for asthma! 

-Salt lamps cleanse the air

-Eases asthma 

-Increase energy levels

-Improve mood and concentration

-Treat seasonal affective disorder [For all the fellow winter haters, say yellow to its warm sunlit reminiscent hue and warmth]

-Improve mood and concentration 

 Benefits of ingesting Himalayan salt 
[Use Himalayan salt to cook in with your meals]
 Ingesting Himalayan salt in your food is extremely beneficial in that it contains 84 traces of minerals beneficial for our health. Sea salt may seem like the healthier choice but with our oceans becoming increasingly more toxic with chemicals, salt extracted from salt mines such as this one might just be the new healthy norm. 
the benefits are endless...

-Helps ease muscle cramps 

-Improves mineral status of the body 

-Helps balance blood sugar 

-Improves hydration 

For more information click here


Priscilla Ivette
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