Dear Women || Lets empower one and another

Monday, May 1, 2017

You don't have to be anybody else...
Dear women,
Too often I witness young women ridiculing other women for being different, for expressing themselves in a non patriarchal way, or for simply inhabiting a non main stream media approach to beauty.... A message to all women lets practice being conscious of when we are doing this. GREAT artists in retrospect are appreciated but during their time were far from it. Cherish a masterpiece even if you can't understand it fully, but cherish her because she is different, and her unique abilities, her unique approach is what will be groundbreaking, remembered, unlike the rest. Trust and encourage your fellow women. Let's empower not judge one and another based on views inflicted upon us. Take a moment and create your own world ignoring what mass media says is okay. 
Priscilla Ivette 

Lets empower one and another.

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